My personal philosophy is to always be the one who will take on a new problem and never back away from a challenge, even when no one else wants to step forward. It’s what drove me to start my own business in a new field, and it’s why I decided to run for the OPPD Board this year.

I am running to fight for low electric bills, ensure grid security and reliability, and create jobs.

Small business owner. I am a mechanical engineer and started my own business right here in Omaha to help companies make smart energy decisions that lower costs and improve business efficiency. In my work it has become clear that there are several opportunities for OPPD to help our families and businesses save money. When businesses save money on energy, they can reinvest that savings into creating jobs. My work around the country has shown me in real-time how OPPD’s electricity costs are becoming less competitive. As a member of the OPPD Board, I will cut through red tape and ensure that costs are minimized and bills are low.

Community partnerships. As a member of the Omaha Chamber’s Leadership Program, I had the opportunity to build partnerships across business, government, and nonprofit organizations. These relationships demonstrated to me the vast amount of innovation that exists in our community that we can build on to make OPPD more responsive to market challenges and ensure that we have a reliable and secure grid.

A voice for the community. As a mother and active volunteer in the Omaha community, I am committed to serving others.  As an active member of my church, library volunteer, and board member of several community organizations, I understand the needs of our families and community, especially the importance of affordable, reliable electricity.